About Northwest Karate

About Northwest Karate

This is not your “average” Karate dojo – and that’s a good thing.  Most “average” North American karate instructors have no instructors themselves who can claim a connection to the roots of their style of karate.

Without this connection to a senior Sensei, an instructor’s technique and knowledge will stagnate or decrease over time. Northwest Goju Ryu is serious karate training for students who want to learn the authentic art of karate.

The Northwest Difference

We are one of only two Niagara Karate schools that are ACTIVE members of Karate Ontario.

Karate Ontario is recognized by the Government of Ontario as Karate’s governing body. Members of Karate Ontario have met the following requirements:

  1. The style of Karate taught has its origins in a traditional Okinawan or Japanese system.
  2. The full curriculum and grading procedures and requirements for all belt levels have been submitted.
  3. The training history of the club’s Head Instructor and their Dan (grading) certificates have been reviewed.

If a dojo does not belong to Karate Ontario, it is possible that their style of Karate is “home-made” and that the credentials of the head instructor are not of a suitable standard.

Shihan Meagher receives regular instruction.

You would be amazed to learn how few Karate instructors regularly receive instruction from a higher-ranked instructor. Attending weekend seminars does NOT constitute “regular” instruction. It still boggles the mind that some instructors think attending a seminar or two during the year constitutes “advanced training” yet that’s what many will have you believe.

After years of weekly training with his Canadian Seiwa Kai Instructor , Shihan Meagher was moved to Seiwa Kai Goshukan  and answers directly to the world head instructor  Fujiwara Shihan in Japan.

Meagher Shihan also trains regularly with his Canadian Goshukan senior members as well as the Senior USA Seiwa Kai instructors. Many Canadian Shihan/Sensei who Command Karate Schools have given up their educational  upgrading of the main style they teach through constant correction of a Senior member. Sadly this leads to a lack of understanding for themselves and more so for the students they are teaching. We at Northwest have made it a point to not give in to this idea.






Other Significant Differences in the Northwest School’s Teaching

Note: We don’t claim to be the ONLY school that teaches these things, but to our knowledge, we’re the only ones in Niagara who do. If you’re going to learn Karate, we think you should learn it properly.


We teach Bunkai . . . not as North Americans consider Bunkai but as it is translated with the Japanese Word.

Bunkai translated means to take apart – to dissect! This meaning the taking apart of the full movement. In this case the full movement of the human body as we do our Karate.

Understanding of the what and how the joints, muscles , tendons and so on are moving so we can Get the most out of the movement while properly using it without injuring ourselves. This is applied in our every day life and is why Karate is said to be natural movement.

In short, Bunkai educates the student on proper movement using karate moves.

Most Karate Schools teach Bunkai as the application of the movement which is incorrect.


Northwest Karate teaches Oyo – the application of the techniques in a self
defense manner. Once Bunkai education is established and the student understands movement, application is the means by which one can now begin the understanding of self defense threw proper body mechanics.

Kumite (Sparring)

Northwest Karate teaches Kumite , NOT as a fighting method but as a way of applying Balance and Timing as well as Accurate Distance for Contact. This is a way to help the Student practice His/Her Karate while in Constant Motion.

At Northwest Karate,, Contact is NOT necessarily needed in order to Learn these SKILLS. We do not Do This as a Way to Fight BUT as a Way to Learn.

At Northwest Karate we teach the following:Knowledge is NOT POWER BUT Being Able To APPLY Knowledge IS!

360° Karate

During Classes at Northwest Karate ALL aspects are taught as well as discussed. Students are NOT told “just do it because I say so”. It is felt that a student that understands why will learn better.

Linked Concepts

Students learn that there are no separate sectors in Karate.

We cannot categorize and separate each part of Karate. Basic Movement – Combination Movement – Kata (forms) Kumite (Sparring) Bunkai (Human Body Movement) Oyo (application/self defence) . Each one of these concepts complements the other and one without the other will create an incomplete puzzle.

Most schools teach these as separate categories. Northwest teaches them as part of a complete curriculum.

Depth of Knowledge

These are Principles handed down over hundreds of year from generation to generation of Japanese/Okinawan martial artists. Shihan Meagher has been lucky. Through his OWN hard work, sweat and perseverance over his 33 years of practice, many Older Japanese/Okinawan masters in Karate have entrusted him with information that many other North American Karate Schools call the SECRETS OF KARATE. Of course without the teaching of a true Master Instructor of Karate this education and information will always remain a secret for many instructors and schools.

An Active, Traceable Lineage

The Northwest Karate School Lineage is one of ongoing education. Shihan Meagher has constant correction by his Senior Instructor and His Senior Instructor has Constant correction from His Seniors. There is an ongoing education for each instructor as not one or two men can know everything. This is what is called traceable LINEAGE.

Many other Karate School Instructors no longer have constant correction from a Shihan/Sensei and are on their own either for personal reasons or other. But regardless of the reason the fact remains: without correction and constant learning through higher education the Instructor and the students of their dojo will languish in the mystery of Karate Secrets and NEVER truly understand the World of Karate.