“The quality of the instruction received at Northwest Goju Ryu Katate School was definitely highlighted at this weekend’s competition! I’m proud, now more then ever, to say THIS IS the school our son attends!”


a month ago

Outstanding school to be a part of. The techniques taught are authentic and originate from the creators in Okinawa & Japan. This school does not teach you the made up karate that many schools do, and they just want your money. Northwest teaches the true tradition of Okinawa karate, mental and moral aspects that target the overall improvement of the individual. True teaching.

I really love northwest. The amount of knowledge the instructors have allows me to learn a lot about martial arts. Not the just the technical aspect but also the history of Goju rye karate and where its Origin started.
But over all it’s a great school to have fun and sweat at the same time :)

Excellent karate school to go to. The amount of knowledge that Shihan Doug Meagher has is just absolutely amazing. He is the best in Canada. You will be properly trained at his school. Other schools just teach you basics and the wrong way of techniques. 5+++++ stars to this man and his school for his
proper way of teaching.