Why Karate?

Why Karate?

People come to study Karate for all dif. Reasons. Some come for physical fitness, others come for self defense other join to help with their self esteem problems.

Many Parents bring children to Karate Schools to learn how to focus and concentrate, while other children are brought in for the discipline aspects of Karate, such as old fashioned manners and the learning to control ones self to achieve the winning spirit through positive reinforcement to overcome barriers thus achieving the Can Do Spirit.

The System of Teaching Karate has a design with a two fold Idea built in. The teaching system for Karate it set to Help People Succeed and learn accomplishments with the help of their peers.

Properly taught, the system work on a purely personal level while also encompassing the team spirit.

  1. You are taught to work on your own accomplishments at a speed that works for YOU!

  2. You are taught team concepts. Seniors help Juniors succeed with constant help and correction, allowing the student to become more accurate threw continual practice.

These teaching concepts are different than any other sport. With most Team Sports you will find a member playing 1-2 or maybe in extreme cases even three positions on a team. These players will never truly understand the concepts and ideas of each position played on the team in which they belong.

With Karate, A student’s journey will lead him/her to play every position on the team. Starting as a beginner the student/player is able to work threw each position/belt rank , so they to can understand each position.

Saying that, a student of the Karate School can sympathize as well as empathize with each level lower than they are, understanding the mistakes and frustration of their team mates.

This concept helps with the student’s personal journey as well as the journey of their teammates or fellow students.

The formula for Success is there for the taking!

So, for what reasons should YOU Lean at a Good Karate School?

Success pure and Simple

1. Physical Fitness

2. Respect

3. Can Do Attitude (Winning Spirit)

4. Raised Self Esteem

5. Learn Problem Solving

6. Empathy For Others

7. Public Speaking

8. Leadership Skills

9. Social Skills

10. Conquer The Fear of Failure.

These are but a few of the things YOU will learn by joining in the learning of Karate with others in your peer group at The Northwest Karate School.